Now You Can Add Your Own Smart or Smarmy Comments Into Your Favorite Movie

YouTube Preview Image

 PercyFX is a neat little free app for the Blackberry or iPhone (coming soon for Android and Windows Phone) that allows you to insert custom messages into your favorite movie scenes.  The make money part:  you must  purchase credits to put your own personal joke or comment into the film.  Individual videos range from 24 to 33 cents.  There is a small library of clips from  Paramount and Universal to select from including:  Bridesmaids, The Big Lebowski, Despicable Me, Animal House and Sixteen Candles.  The videos can be shared by email, Facebook or You Tube (Universal films only, since Paramount corporate parent Viacom is  engaged in a copyright infringement suit with You Tube).  The apps tech can also handle user-generated videos and photos.

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