Poster Board: # Killing Them Softly Posters From Mondo; 6 Cool Frankenweenie Parody Posters

killing them softly mondo poster

Nothing says “Death of the American Dream” better than the Statute of Liberty with a bullet in the temple. 

killing them softly poster

Does he sing the Roberta Flack tune when he shoots them?

killing them softly poster

After the hit make sure you always leave a blood-stained business card.


Let me guess? The Vampire Cat turns out to be K-Stew.


This is definitely your average Teenage Mutant Not Ninja turtle.


No doubt sponsored by your local electric power board. 


Wow, the Avengers Tim Burton style!!!


Doesn’t this rat look like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?


Now, there is where my dog’s hair ball ended up. 

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