The Pawscars Announced

Uggie, the dog featured in “The Artist”, as expected was the big winner at the Pawscars–  The American Humane Society’s annual salute to the best nonhuman stars in film.  Uggie (who also won a Golden Palm Dog Award at Cannes) won for Best Scene Stealer.    Other winners and their categories:

Best Perception vs Reality:  War Horse.  A perfect example:  the scene were Joey the horse is ensnared in barbed wire.  No actual barbed wire was used.  It was a look alike soft rubber substitute.

Best Dressed: Mr Popper’s Penguins.

Best Inspirational “Tail”:  Dolphin Tale

Best Use of Technology:  Jack and Jill.  A very real looking virtual cockatoo substituted for Poopsie the real one in scenes where he finds himself in a chocolate fountain, sipping Jack Daniels and flying against gale force winds.

Best Ensemble Cast:  We Bought a Zoo.

Best Speaking Role Ever:  Cosmo the canine from “Beginners.”   His dog thoughts were subtitled in the film.

Best Doppelganger: I Am Number Four.  Four lookalike dogs were used for the one dog character in the movie.

Sorry Martin Scoresese no Pawscars for Blackie the doberman featured in “Hugo.” Next up:  next weeks’  The Golden Collar Awards.

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  1. Joyce E. Moya says:

    It’s more like a dozen lines, Jon., instead of 5. I knew you would bot be able to resist for long! Still good though.

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