The Pawscars Announced

Uggie, the dog featured in “The Artist”, as expected was the big winner at the Pawscars-  The American Humane Society’s annual salute to the best nonhuman stars in film.  Uggie (who also won a Golden Palm Dog Award at Cannes) won for Best Scene Stealer.    Other winners and their categories:

Best Perception vs Reality:  War Horse.  A perfect example:  the scene were Joey the horse is ensnared in barbed wire.  No actual barbed wire was used.  It was a look alike soft rubber substitute.

Best Dressed: Mr Popper’s Penguins.

Best Inspirational “Tail”:  Dolphin Tale

Best Use of Technology:  Jack and Jill.  A very real looking virtual cockatoo substituted for Poopsie the real one in scenes where he finds himself in a chocolate fountain, sipping Jack Daniels and flying against gale force winds.

Best Ensemble Cast:  We Bought a Zoo.

Best Speaking Role Ever:  Cosmo the canine from “Beginners.”   His dog thoughts were subtitled in the film.

Best Doppelganger: I Am Number Four.  Four lookalike dogs were used for the one dog character in the movie.

Sorry Martin Scoresese no Pawscars for Blackie the doberman featured in “Hugo.” Next up:  next weeks’  The Golden Collar Awards.

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  1. Joyce E. Moya says:

    It’s more like a dozen lines, Jon., instead of 5. I knew you would bot be able to resist for long! Still good though.

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